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The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) is a 45-item inventory that will assess your orientation to teaching. Once you have answered the TPI questions, your scores will be automatically profiled and you can print off your Teaching Perspectives profile. 

The TPI is the result of two decades of research in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. More than 250 teachers, in vastly different settings, were interviewed, observed, and re-interviewed. Each teacher was asked a number of questions about learning, motivation, the goals of education, their role as a teacher, the nature of the learners they taught, and the influence of context on their teaching.

Collectively, their responses revealed five qualitatively different perspectives on teaching which form the conceptual backbone of the Teaching Perspectives Inventory. In addition, they expressed their commitment to teaching in terms of their Beliefs, their Intentions, and their Actions.

The TPI helps you better understand your own views of these perspectives and how you express them through your own beliefs, intentions and actions - and it does so in an easy to understand profile. As well, you are encouraged to print off the Explanatory Paragraphs that provide concise descriptions of how the five perspectives differ from each other.

The TPI also helps you share and clarify your ideas when you are drafting a Statement of Teaching Philosophy, when you are expanding your portfolio for teaching reviews, or when you are asked to observe or review someone else's teaching.

Feel free to re-visit the TPI as often as you wish to report on your experiences with different learners, different subject matter, or different teaching settings and contexts.


Teaching Perspectives Inventory

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